I’ve got a mess of birds in my back yard.

I never thought I would like birds and honestly they still terrify me a little bit. And why wouldn’t they? They’re small, fast dinosaurs that have more common sense than your average person.

I haven’t been able to identify all of them but I can say for certain there’s a pair of blujays, a pair of turtle doves (which I now know make a “hoothoot hoot” sound), sparrows, finches, crows and I think I saw a swallow once.

It’s been fun trying to get close enough to these beautiful babies to get a good picture, unfortunately they tend to Sasquatch me. You know every time someone gets a picture of big foot it’s blurry? Yeah, I even turn up my speed on my fancy smancy camera and these bastards are still too quick.


You see what I’m saying? (This is one of the many I haven’t been able to identify, it’s got the fat body of a robin but it’s brown with a stripe around it’s neck and a reddish brown head).

Ah well, I’ve got the rest of my life to document my back yard, I’m sure I’ll get em all.

At least the squirrels are photogenic.