Hark the Herald I’m a dumbass

Recently I had a little revelation, one I’m pretty sure I’ll have a hundred more times before I die and one I’m fairly sure I’ve had before.

Anyway, what I realized was that I was making myself miserable. It wasn’t the news, it wasn’t politics, it wasn’t other people- it was me. I was the cause of most of my grief.

We all control what we consume: food, news, media, education, etc. Of course if you’re under thirty and still attending school this is a little less true, but after eighteen the choice is generally yours and I was choosing to consume some really toxic shit. And while I agree that the media and movies are tailored in a way to sell shit and to make you consume more of it this is more deciding who and in what way to consume, if that makes sense. Pop Culture and I have gone hand in hand since I was a wee lass and I wont stop watching films and television even though I see through the veneer of the lights and cameras.

To quickly conclude this point I’ve decided to reduce the stress in my life by dropping most of my social media platforms (though keeping the profile, even if I’m not there no other fool but this fool gets to be vitaldose) and start spending more time doing things that make me happy instead of spending time gritting my teeth at shit I can’t control.