Rapid – A Daily Prompt


I’m not entirely sure why I decided to chose today and this word to do a prompt, but here we are; Rapid.

A lot of images come to mind when I attempt to find a subject for this- subject: Waterfalls, runners, planes, trains and automobiles. It immediately calls to mind something fast paced and quick, like a rapid boiling pan or river rapids. Rapid is beyond fast it’s chaotic in it’s quickness, it’s a speed that we are never prepared for.

I like to do things fast, I like to drive fast, work fast and eat fast. I’m not good at waiting, I’m incredibly impatient and although I’m usually the smiling face at the end of the line inside I’m a raging volcano of irritable restlessness. It all boils down to my anxiety I think, I all ready have to do something I don’t want to and now I have to wait to do it allowing my mind time to think of aaallll the terrible things that could happen.

I am not good at resting, ask mi esposo, I pace. I pace and it’s irritating to everyone I know, but it’s nothing I can help. I can spend a couple hours if I’m high enough in front of the television but if I’m not high and I know I’ve got things to take care of? I simply can not sit still; my father is the same way and it drives my mother up the wall. Honestly I’d love to stop pacing if I could because I don’t think I’ve seen all of a movie in years.

But it’s just my brain, my brain is in constant “GO!” mode and unless I’m sleeping or inebriated I just can’t stop.

At work I can spend hours in front of the computer, but only if it’s busy, because then I don’t have a choice I have to stay. Even writing this has taken two hours because I keep getting up to do stuff I don’t necessarily need to do, but because we have no customers I’ve got no good reason to stay still.

I guess what rapid makes me feel, is how I always all ready feel.



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