Vacations and Shit





(In the picture above you see some trailing plants, behind it is damage from a fire)

A couple years back I took my mom and brother to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose CA. We went during the week and during the day so I could get some nice photos outside (no photography allowed on the inside except for a few places.


This was not one of those places, the picture above are two stained glass Tiffany windows. They’re worth about as much as my house or more. My mother is a very sneaky lady and we dawdled at the end of the tour group in order to take sneaky photos. I wont post the others because well it was rude enough that we were doing it, I’m keeping them for myself.

You’re welcome Winchester Mystery House.


The gardens were wonderful and although it wasn’t all quite bloomed yet, it was still gorgeous.


This photos a little blurry, but the statue cracks me the fuck up.