Yes I Still Write Fan Fiction – No I’m Not a Lonely Spinster with too Many Cats

I do have cats though.

The whole concept of “Fan Fiction” has been around since before the written word and although I never finished my history degree I can say that its true with a good degree of certainty. The internet has changed the way we see a lot of things, including how we see fan fiction.

Back when my parents were kids, Star Trek was just starting and lots of people point back to this time in history as when Fan Fiction started becoming more “mainstream” but the truth of it is, it was common back in Arthur Conan Doyles day too. Fans of Sherlock Holmes would write their own stories and submit them to small books (the name of which I can’t remember right now because I’m writing this all from memory instead of researching, as I am a cocky shit). And I mean weren’t most Greek plays just fan works of someone elses play? Like when it comes down to it everything is Fan Fiction.

I mean, how many versions of Romeo and Juliet or Robin Hood or King fucking Arthur have we seen? It’s all fan fiction children.

I was having a bit of a “I’m getting too old for this shit” tantrum and my wonderful mother says “No you’re not, you don’t have to stop doing stuff you like to do just because you’re getting older, write fan fiction whatever the hell that is, who cares?” (My mother is as blunt as a rock) Which really kinda hit me like, I don’t write it for other people, I write it for myself because it makes me happy. Why should I stop just because I see it as young persons thing?

I do post them and it feels nice to see that other people are enjoying them enough to leave comments and bookmark them to read for later, but it was never about that.

Along with Fan Fiction I also participated in online RP forums, starting very late on livejournal and then on proboards (I never was big in to live journal because it was a war zone when I joined) and although I still occasionally respond on certain RP Forums, I’m basically out of that game entirely. I miss it, but the truth of the matter is: Writing with collaborators is difficult and frustrating. We used to have a rule about something called “God Modding”, essentially writing for your partners character in your responses. Well that shit went out the window very early and caused so many problems and infighting that most boards I was on just dissipated within a few years due to feelings being hurt.

Yeah, we were all mostly young women it was a terrible idea.

But the whole Fan Fiction thing has stuck with me and I don’t know that I’ll ever stop writing in one way or another. I can’t see me at 85 writing Jurassic World 52 fiction, but my dudes you never know.