Yesterday Was My 7th Wedding Anniversary and my 7th Migraine For The Month

What a world.

My biggest trigger is heat: overheating, hot bath, hot tubs, any outside temperate above 70° (a tiny exaggeration but I mean-). The summertime is miserable for me, I stay inside, wear shorts and spend copious amounts of money on electricity running my AC all damn day. But if I don’t? Well I made it through most of the day yesterday fighting the urge to die. I was lucky in the fact that I had been fighting it since Sunday and had all ready managed to take some preventatives that actually helped; but they couldn’t stop it.

We spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing, just eating food, smoking weed and playing video games. But when I decided that it’d be a good idea to leave the house and go to Tool/Garden store to buy potting soil and plants for an old fountain we’re never gonna use. It was my Anniversary present. But by the time we actually planted everything I was defeated, I had taken a shower right before, came inside, washed my hands and went to bed.

It was 8pm.

I didn’t even say anything, I had been warning mi esposo all day and he was prepared for it, so when he came in to bed at god knows when he was very quiet and very sweet. But that’s how some days go for me. Sometimes I’m lucky and I get to spend most of my “special days” awake and with my loved ones and sometimes I have to hide away and let them have all the fun. That’s just how it goes.