An (Embarrassing) Open Secret

I have IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, most people equate IBS with diarrhea all ready but that’s not always the case- however, I do have IBS with diarrhea which means that I have to know where every bathroom is at all times. You know just in case dinner was hot wings with a liter of cola.

This wouldn’t be so hard if I wasn’t also mildly incontinent.

That’s right kids, at 31 when I cough or laugh to hard I can pee myself. Just like your mom did right after pregnancy, just like your grandma and grandpa do.

Is it hard running around knowing that my body hasn’t evolved since birth? Sure, but maybe that brings me closer to the dinosaurs or something, I don’t know. I don’t have to wear a diaper, I haven’t lost all control of my bladder and bowels just yet, but I have been known to wear a pantyliner despite not having had a period in over 3 years (Thank you Nexplanon Birth Control Implant for stopping my dangerous and irregular periods!).

I’ve been trying to do kegels since I brought this up with my doctor after years of embarrassment but unfortunately they just make my stomach hurt so I don’t do them as often as I could.

I’m usually very open about the things my body does to me and in fact most of my life jokes about how quickly and how often I go to the bathroom have been normal, nobody equated it with a problem. I tell doctors I’m a frequent urinator and have been my whole life and they just tell me I’ll be fine- I never told them I’ve been peeing my pants my whole life because of it.

But I think its something that might happen more often to people than I think and not just to mature people. I’m still learning how to deal with this so I don’t have a lot of advice for people other than keep clean, exercise your bladder and talk to your doctor.