I Keep Getting Banned From Twitter


Now, if it wasn’t obvious before, I am not a fan of our current president and use my twitter as a ways to complain about the administration; I also use it for complaining about other things, but I’m not getting banned by tweeting about how much I really love sour cream.

The first time I was banned it was for posting and tagging each member of the administration that had a twitter that “I hope they all live long horrible lives and when they die I hope they die alone”.

It’s mean, I know, but that was the day they said they were defunding The Special Olympics so you’ll have to forgive me if I wasn’t feeling too nice.

Here’s the thing though- I don’t even have 100 followers, I’m sitting between 85 and 95 on a good day.

You see twitter is a constant flow of follow and unfollow, it’s just how it works and you have to move on when you lose em; I’ve spoken before about how gaining followers isn’t how I’m using social media anymore and I’ve kept that promise. My issue here is that men and women with millions and millions of followers have said things much worse and more inciteful (?) than either of my tweets combined and those people have been reported as much as I, mostly likely, have (and more) and yet they still remain and I’m locked out for 7 days.

Now I don’t know if someone is reporting me or if it’s Twitters algorithms keying on words like “Die” and “Choke” but it seems a little odd that somehow I’d be targeted twice for tagging the administration and somehow the presidents twitter incites violence DAILY and there he is, tweeting at 3am with no consequences.

I’m sorry this isn’t really about him, it’s about twitter. I appealed my banning but I can almost guarantee that I will not be returning until my 7 days are up. The words I used in my appeal would get me thrown out of a courtroom and my case would go to the Prosecution.

Now I know some people who may read this will agree with twitter, that my words were inciting violence but I absolutely disagree. I’m not asking them to die, I’m not asking them to be killed, I’m not even asking somebody to beat them up. I simply wish them ill luck for the degeneracy they’ve brought in to our political system. I want them to lose all their money, all their friends and fall in to poverty and become victims of the system they’re upholding. This isn’t violence. This is wishful thinking.

Maybe it’s semantics, I don’t know.

Twitter is allowing the voice of the people to be squashed and demanding we remove our posts in order to use our social media and I’m feeling a little icked out by this.

To be perfectly honest, it also makes me laugh and my friends are all proud of me.

Sorry, but proud.

I do not go out of my way for this to happen I swear, I am only using the platform for what it’s now intended for- fighting the system.


P.S. No I don’t think I’m some keyboard revolutionary or do I think what I’m doing will change any hearts or minds, but if somebody is reading what I’m saying and agreeing than they no longer feel alone.